The Arrow is a resolver library that has been adapted as two separate physical devices. Both the offensive and defensive platforms are deployed as cloud platforms.


Arrow: Defense

The defensive technology uses an integrated mesh system which utilizes custom multiple, distributable T-Tree/X-Tree data node structures for relationship management. The system integrates into transmission disabled, forward facing NIDS  (eth bridge, multi homed) which feeds into customized layer filters, these filter on multiple layers and drops from the lowest detectable layer (Network Layer as well as Data Link Layer). The NIDS queries the arrow resolver, feeds to the filter and applies custom tables, rules, blocks as well as autonomous system (AS) on both ingress and egress. These may be defined IN REAL TIME, delayed or timer(ed). – System uses very customized NetBSD network stack, as well as components and code from zebra, snort, wireshark and other open technologies.

Arrow: Offense offensive

The offensive system uses adapted botnet punch type relationships, where the relationships are devolved into cell structures. Only one node of each cell has a chain relationship and only on a horizontal basis. This allows for granular customized control interface which can both be task orientated as well as with set global directives. We are also able to distribute real time encrypted key overrides, using custom developed algorithms and are able to take control (brute) of ZeUS, XOR, 0access (ZeroAccess) and more. Real time re-deployment of existing infrastructure increases the distributed base dramatically and the same real time brute (RTB) technology can be deployed on other auto signals (research into the control of independent operated devices is underway). Additional ongoing research similarly offers military grade GZD (Guaranteed Zero Day) for military grade DDoS  (multiple TB per sec) and offer technology to disable all or specific (targeted) network traffic on specific segments as well as disrupt eBGP,VRF,GRE,IPsec and act on multiple layers independently or in formation.